Azuka Obasuyi

Azuka Obasuyi is a seasoned professional with a background that seamlessly transitions from engineering to the intersection of people, processes, and technology in the healthcare sector. As an experienced business systems analyst at Niagara Health, she has played a pivotal role in leading, advising, and supporting clinical and digital transformation initiatives through the application of best practices, change management and project management methodologies.

With over 12 years experience as a clinical manager, Azuka has demonstrated expertise in clinical operations, leadership, and management to ensure excellence in guiding the delivery of well-implemented patient-centered care services. As a lifelong learner and enthusiast, she has an avid interest in exploring novel technology-enabled and data-driven approaches to strengthening patient-centered care. Beyond the professional sphere, she spends her time as a caregiver and an advocate for individuals with Autism. She enjoys reading, travelling, spending time with family, and connecting with people passionate about learning, discovering, and sharing ideas