Addiction, Wellness and You

A wellness program for those navigating substance use or addiction challenges

  • Are you losing the battle to drugs or alcohol?
  • Is your opioid usage growing out of control?
  • Do you wish you had a group around you that understands what you are going through?

Addiction, Wellness and You is a 7-week peer-led harm reduction group that emphasizes the importance of self-agency within one’s recovery and healing journey. 

Whether you are focused on sobriety, decreasing consumption, safer ways to engage with substance use, or still figuring it out, we are here to provide space and build community throughout the process. 

As a peer-led group, we are joined by our lived experiences. In our space, lived experiences hold merit and provide opportunities for us to participate in knowledge exchange and community building. 

This free program runs every Thursday from 1:00pm-2:30 pm. Spots are limited, 10 in-person and 10 virtually live on-line.

Harm reduction is all about improving participants’ health and wellness, without necessarily requiring people who use substances from abstaining or stopping.

* Bonus – Participants will receive a “welcome package” and those who successfully complete the program will receive certificate of completion. This will allow graduates to:

  • Demonstrate their understanding of peer work in the realm of addictions/substance
  • Be able provide documentation for courts and other external bodies

This program is specifically geared to individuals from racialized communities and acknowledges their lived experiences navigating addictions is unique to them. We understand the role racist/colonial systems intersect and play a role in your life.

Come get tools to help you towards a better tomorrow.

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