Black Writers Youth Program

This program joyfully encourages self-expression and self-discovery. The Black Writers Youth Program consists of dynamic creative writing workshops geared toward Black youth who wish to use writing to improve their mental health or pursue writing as a career.

This program uses the natural tendency for writers to incorporate their real-life experiences in their work as a way to clear the mental trash that lingers from unresolved past trauma, conflict, and insecurities.

You will learn elements of creative writing like the nuances of character development, understanding your villain, and embracing conflict.

This program will utilize creative writing as a form of writing therapy to turn notable life experiences into a personal fictional short story.

Your work of art will serve as a form of treatment and the foundation for a full-length novel if you wish to pursue that path.

Come get creative and release the story inside of you.

Program date and time coming soon. For more information contact Lorraine by telephone at 416-787-3007  Ext: 222 or via email at

Sign up now, spots are limited.

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