Addictions and Wellness

Our peer-led harm reduction programs provide; client support, system navigation, crisis de-escalation, naloxone training, community development and health promotion.

We believe in treating those with addiction or substance use issues with dignity and respect. We provide a judgement-free space, where participants have a wide selection of treatment options to make informed decisions about their individual needs. They get to choose what would be most effective for them while also reducing potential harms as they navigate their healing journey.

Whether they are focused on sobriety, decreasing consumption, safer ways to engage with substance use, or still figuring it out, we are here to provide space and build community throughout the process.

A frequent misconception of harm reduction is that it supports or encourages illicit substance use and does not consider the role of abstinence in addiction treatment. However, harm reduction approaches do not presume a specific outcome, which means that abstinence-based interventions can also fall within the spectrum of harm reduction goals.

Harm reduction applies not just to substance use but can also apply to such things as, gambling, food and sexual addictions.

At Across Boundaries, we promote the well-being of individuals and acknowledge the health, social, economic and political impact of colonization by providing support & options to reduce harm. We recognize that decision making is influenced by one’s life experiences, circumstances (like systemic racism) and support networks. Everyone experiences life in their own way.

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