Work-life balance is vital for happiness, productivity, and success in both personal and professional spheres. Through insightful Across Boundaries employee testimonials from Maria, Lorraine, and Genie, learn about our various wellness strategies that foster our supportive work environment.

Work Hard, Live Well – Finding the Perfect Balance to Thrive

Work-life balance is vital for happiness, productivity, and success in both personal and professional spheres.

We hear the term “work-life balance” commonly used but how does one successfully achieve a balanced life while juggling a busy career?

Take Breaks to Boost Happiness and Productivity

Achieving work-life balance requires finding a harmonious integration of professional goals and personal ones. This balance is imperative for a myriad of reasons. Think about how energized you feel when you get to spend time with people you love and engage in activities that bring you joy! Making time for the right people and activities increases levels of happiness and life satisfaction, which contribute to success in the workplace too. Contrary to popular belief, constantly being on the go can hinder productivity. Taking breaks allows for mental clarity, better decision-making, creativity, and optimal performance.

Our Wellness Strategies For Staff

At Across Boundaries, we prioritize work-life balance through a shift-based work model, provide fully covered health benefits, and encourage short- and long-term breaks through vacation time, sick days, mental health days, and other personal time. We understand that well-being is multifaceted, and we offer various wellness strategies to meet the diverse needs of our staff. Additionally, our social wellness committee organizes monthly celebrations, fostering a happier and more productive work environment, incorporating mindfulness activities, art therapy, laughter therapy, and yoga to name a few.

How Our Employees Prioritize Their Well-Being

To better gauge how our employees feel about the work-life balance at Across Boundaries, we asked them to share their personal experiences working for the organization.

MARIA – Program Manager:

“I first joined Across Boundaries in 2021 as a Program Manager and spent over a year in that role. In 2023, I rejoined the organization because the work that Across Boundaries does strongly resonates with my personal values. Also, the organization caters to the well-being of its employees and encourages us to take time off when required. I utilize my personal days and vacation days in intervals to spend quality time with my family. I think those timely breaks help me stay motivated and productive. Additionally, at work we have a few monthly events and celebrations focused on activities around self-care and employee engagement. I truly enjoy those events and the working environment at Across Boundaries.”

LORRAINE – Intake and Program Coordinator:

“I have been with Across Boundaries for over 16 years. A large part of my work as an Intake and Program Coordinator involves interaction with service users, families, and community partners. I hear about their situations, mental health, and addictions concerns on a day-to-day basis and it’s only human to feel overwhelmed or drained by it sometimes. In those days, I prioritize myself and spend time doing activities that will keep my mind and emotions at ease. The organization’s mental health days and employee benefit packages come in handy during these times. Also, we have regular staff social activities organized by our wellness committee. This helps me, and other employees get some downtime during work hours as well. I would also like to mention that open communication with managers has always helped me maintain a good work-life-balance and I strongly suggest new and existing staff to voice their concerns or needs if any.”

GENIE – Office Manager:

“I am in my 16th year at Across Boundaries, and I’ve been working as the Office Manager. Despite the demands of my work, I always make sure to prioritize my family and stay connected with loved ones who live abroad. To maintain a healthy work-life balance, I prefer a shift schedule that allows me to address my personal needs. When working the second shift, I prioritize my well-being by scheduling activities like massages or engaging in physical exercise in the morning before starting work. This approach helps me recharge. I encourage individuals to ask for support when needed, whether it’s related to work or personal matters. In my opinion, it is crucial to prioritize our own well-being because in this industry, we can’t pour from an empty cup.”

Each testimonial provided consent to be featured in this blog post.

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