Across Boundaries provides equitable and holistic mental health and addictions services and supports for racialized communities within frameworks of anti-racism, combating anti-blackness and anti-oppression. We recognize the urgent need for mental health support services and services for those who are 2SLGBTQ+ and who identify as QTBIPOC (Queer & Trans Black, Indigenous, and Person of Colour).

Across Boundaries provides community-based and in-house programs that integrate individual support, support groups, alternative and complementary therapies, skills building, social and recreational activities. Our Values Our staff practice harm reduction, sex-positivity, queer positivity, trans-inclusivity and compassionate and trauma-informed counselling. Our services are client-centered and judgement-free.

CASE MANAGEMENT We recognize that QTBIPOC folks experience complex challenges that require them to navigate various systems and institutions. Our case managers are here to provide portable and client-directed one-on-one support. We collaborate with our clients to achieve their goals, and provide support in navigating housing, education, employment, legal issues, family reunification, immigration, social assistance, ODSP, Ontario Works, etc. We tell our clients, “you don’t have to navigate these systems on your own.

COUNSELLING Our team consists of counsellors with lived experience who are available to provide one-on-one support. This may include talk, and solutions-based therapy. Our counsellers approach their clients within the frameworks of sex positivity, harm reduction, trans inclusion and client centredness. Our counsellors are certified and registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service.


  • On-site psychotherapist, and addictions counsellor
  • Multilingual individual support, trauma-informed counselling, alternative healing and support groups.
  • Referrals to other health support agencies
  • Outreach at community spaces

2SLGBTQ+ Program Offerings:

  • Case Management & Counseling.
  • Individual Support, Trauma-Informed Counselling, Alternative Healing.
  • Virtual programs, events, and support groups.
  • Annual Gathering of QTBIPOC communities from across the city on Mental Health needs of our communities.
  • Partnerships & Collaborations with other mental health & addictions service organizations


  • Feel-good, heart-centred, and free programming for QTBIPOC — Queer & Trans Black, Indigenous, & People of Colour, Learn More

    If you would like further information about our services or to sign up to any of our programs, please contact us below.