Anti-Racism & Mental Health Resources

Across Boundaries has developed a collection of books and award- winning video and research that is designed to help organizations, institutions and communities in addressing various issues such as anti-racism, mental health and anti-oppression.

Being a leader in the field of ethnoracial mental health, Across Boundaries’ resources and research publications are widely recognized and revered for its quality work.

Whether it’s for a lecture, presentation, conference, or personal study, our materials will provide you with possibly the most comprehensive understanding of the specific issues that prevail in the areas of mental health and racialized communities.

Some brochures and videos are available in three different languages: Somali, Persian and English.

Improving services for Toronto’s ethno-racial population Across Boundaries Research –  This is a presentation by Dr. McKenzie at the Summer 2009 conference summarizing the three studies conducted by Across Boundaries in 2008.

Re-Conceptualizing “Trauma”: Examining the Mental Health Impact of Discrimination, Torture & Migration for Racialized Groups in Toronto by Kwame McKenzie, Ingrid R.G. Waldron, Ph.D., Sasha Henry-James, Adetilewa Akin-Aina,

Recovery As Freedom – Discourse on Recovery in Mental Health by Dr. Suman Fernando

Social Causes and Solutions for Mental Health: Towards Equity and Recovery by Dr. Kwame McKenzie

Ethnotherapy and Art Therapy: Healing Circles for Recovery After Post Traumatic Experience of Haiti’s Earthquake by Pascal C. Annoual

Presently, we serve individuals and communities from Africa, South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East, West Asia and Caribbean countries. They may be refugees, refugee claimants, landed immigrants or citizens. Our programs and services are open to both male and female clients above 16 years of age.

Participants provide input in the planning of programs and services. They have the choice to choose services and programs appropriate to their needs. Currently, due to needs expressed by past users of our services, we offer support programs for Persian, Tamil, Somali and Caribbean communities. Our Peer Support Group is a support group initiative that is supported by survivors for survivors.