Anti-oppression/Anti-racism Training

Across Boundaries has been providing mental health supports and services to racialized communities in the Greater Toronto Area since 1995. Our clients come from many different backgrounds and situations. Some come from war-torn countries, only to encounter systemic racism here in Canada.

Oftentimes these clients are either misdiagnosed, or mis-administered medicine, because of biases, stereotypes, miscommunication or cultural misunderstandings on the part of the traditional medical system.

Anti-racist practice is a strategic approach to addressing all forms of oppression in the mental health system. A focus on racism does not mean we are competing with other “isms” or are creating a hierarchy of oppressions. Instead, we see anti-racism as an entry point. We believe that any substantive progress made through anti-racist practice will lead to meaningful change in addressing all inequities and oppression in the mental health system.

Anti-Oppression Training

Across Boundaries have developed trainings to help your organization succeed. They are highly customizable, our trainings offers educational sessions and interactive workshops that are developed through a consultative process and are aimed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Increased understanding of the workings of power and privilege in individual, organizational and systemic contexts
  • Enhanced knowledge and critical understanding of intersecting oppressions
  • Increased knowledge of a holistic model of service delivery for people from racialized communities
  • Increased knowledge and skill in cultural competency and anti-racism/anti-oppression
  • Enhanced knowledge about mental health issues and/or substance use, prevention, healing and recovery approaches in racialized communities
  • Increased awareness of community resources, supports, and systemic changes needed to address access to appropriate services for racialized communities

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