Referrals & Intake

To be admitted into any of our mental health programs and support services, the individual:

  1. Has a severe mental illness/severe mental health problem and addictions
  2. Is a member of a racialized community (e.g. Black/African, South Asian, West Asian, Arab, South-East Asian, Latin American of Color)
  3. Is a resident of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
  4. Has or may suffer a breakdown in community living because of functional limitations
  5. Has had frequent breakdown in community living including hospitalizations
  6. Has one or more of the following Support Needs:
    a) Is isolated without social or family support
    b) Lacks appropriate supports to meet mental health needs
  7. Is on a waiting list for Case Management
  8. Needs structured activity
  9. Involvement in a support program is needed to maintain community living

Referrals may be accepted from the following sources:

  1. Individuals who have a serious mental illness/severe mental health problems
  2. Family members
  3. Health professionals
  4. Social service agencies
  5. Diversion programs
  6. Religious institutions and community organizations

A referral form may be completed by:

  1. Referring person
  2. Prospective client

Alternatively, please call Access Point at 1-(888) 640-1934.

Please see the Intake and Referral list below to see how you can apply for our programs and services:

Adult Case Management Services

Please fill out this Access Point Form and indicate Across Boundaries as the
preferred service provider.

Youth Case Management Services:  Transitional Aged Youth

Please fill out this Access Point Form and indicate Across Boundaries as the
preferred service provider.

Case Management – Transition From Homelessness:
At Home / Housing First

Please fill out this Access Point Form and indicate Across Boundaries as the
preferred service provider.

Mental Health & Justice Initiative

Please find and complete the application form here

If you are living in York Region, please contact Streamlined Access in York Region at 1-(888) 695-0070 ext. 2278 or visit their website.

You can also contact an Across Boundaries Program Coordinator at (416) 787-3007.

This service provides information about the programs and services at Across Boundaries and other mental health resources in the community, needs assessment of referrals, consultation, advocacy and referral to other services as needed.