Transitional Age Youth Virtual Cooking Program Agreement

Welcome. We are so excited that you made the decision to come and learn healthy ways to nourish your body, which feeds your mind, body and soul.

We just have a few house-keeping rules to make sure that you can succeed in this program.

Program Guidelines and Term:

  •  This program is only open to youth who reside in Canada.
  • Participants cannot miss more than of 1 session.
  • Participants are required to have their cameras on during the duration of each session.
  • Participants are required to actively engage during the sessions with no exceptions.
  • Participants are encouraged to speak program facilitators outside of the session regarding any personal concerns.
  • If a participant is over 15 minutes late it is considered a missed session

Remember participants that successfully complete this program will get to choose between, food handler certification training or CPR /first-aid certification training. Across Boundaries will cover the cost of these courses.

*****Participants who fail to adhere to the above terms will not be gifted the above reward.